About Us

Superior Tank Solutions, Inc. (STS) is a full-service water storage tank services provider focused on the indefinite preservation of bolted and welded steel storage tanks. Incorporated in 2009, Superior Tank Solutions offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of on-going asset management services, such as tank cleanings, coating renovations, inspections, repairs, asset management programs and emergency services.

With decades of combined industry experience, the Superior Tank Solutions project team possesses the knowledge and capabilities to ensure your tank remains as fully operational and protected as the day it was installed. Amongst the project team stands registered engineers, certified inspectors, AWWA committee members, and seasoned tank experts who are committed to delivering the highest quality service and solutions needed to yield a successful project.

Superior Tank Solutions has an established corporate alliance with Superior Tank Co., Inc., who is a worldwide leader in the fabrication and erection of new bolted and welded steel storage tanks. Established in 1984, Superior Tank employs cutting edge engineering, manufacturing, and coating technologies to successfully build hundreds of steel tanks annually across the globe. Through this alliance, STS can offer vast and unique turnkey solutions for every steel storage tank project.  With a dedicated focus on customer service and high quality solutions, STS excels in tank inspections, cleanings, coating renovations, upgrades/repairs, and customized asset management programs.

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