Upgrades, Repairs & Parts

New Liquid Level Indicator & replacement parts available
To prevent unforeseen repairs and unscheduled emergency downtime, STS offers 
tank inspections and conditional assessments:
Dive inspections
Dry inspections allowing for complete inspection 
Coating remaining life analysis for future planning
Ultrasound testing of tank bottom to measure amount of corrosion on the 
underside of the tank
Foundation integrity evaluation
Steel loss measurement to prevent expected structural failure or leaks
Security and access examination for vulnerable points such as exterior ladders,
roof vents and overflow piping
Testing to ensure proper operation of tank & components such as Liquid Level
Indicators and Sample

STS can ensure your tanks are safe for your employees, resistant to intrusion and vandalism and operate at peak levels. 

STS can perform a wide range of structural repairs and supply and install OEM or custom fabricated components: 

  • Security enhancements such as anti-climb equipment and locking hatches
  • Major repairs such roof rafter replacements, foundation refurbishment, seismic upgrades and shell patching
  • Replacement/upgraded parts & equipment such as interior/exterior ladders, various nozzles, liquid level indicators, sample tap/level indicators, standard roof vents and frost free roof vents
  • Active mixing systems to maintain water quality and TTHM reduction systems to help meet EPA Stage 2 limits

For more information on parts & accessories, visit our Parts & Accessories page!
Rusted ladder in need of replacement

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